Welcome To Esscents Aromatherapy

Esscents Aromatherpy is primarily a consulting and educational platform.

Our mission is to provide accurate education regarding the use of essential oils.

Consultations are done with individuals to formulate  blends of essential oils appropriate for whatever issue they want to address.

These issues may be allergies, focus, sleeplessness, sadness, discomfort, immune support and so on.

We also conduct group classes where a product is created that may be taken home.

Classes may include making a body butter, a diffuser blends, lipgloss, insect repellant, bath salts.  The list is as long as your ideas for a class.

We are also very interested in talking to other health-care providers regarding complementary medicine. Complementary medicine includes alternative therapies within the context of conventional medicine.  In our case, it would be incorporating Aromatherapy into a medical practice.

Esscents Aromtherapy recognizes that there are several companies that sell quality oils.

We primarily use essential oils, hydrosols and carriers from Aromatics International.

You are welcome to visit their site .

I have arranged a wholesale account with Aromatics. Therefore, I am able to provide quality oils to you at a cost less than you would pay by going to their site. GCMS results are available for all essential oils.

We dedicate ourselves to providing access to the best essential oils, carriers, and hydrosols.

We also provide access (through affiliate links to Amazon) to  aromatherapy supplies.  This includes products for soap and candle making, essential oil blending, books, and so on.  If we are missing something, let us know. We will find it.

To ensure purity, only buy essential oils from companies that will let you see the GCMS report. Make sure the batch number on the report coincides with that on your bottle.  These companies include Aromatics International, Stillpoint Aromatics and Plant Therapy. I’m sure there are many others.


Terri Lohman APRN CA

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Certified Aromatherapist

Contact me at

419-819-9181.  Please leave a message.