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We dedicate ourselves to providing access to the best essential oils, carriers, and hydrosols.

We also provide access to any supply an aromatherapist should need.  This includes products for soap and candle making, essential oil blending, books, and so on.  If we are missing something, let us know. We will find it.

Oils, carriers, and hydrosols are provided by suppliers who provide proof of purity (example GCMS results).

Links to diffusers, books, and other aromatherapy accessories are provided through Amazon and other links.  These are affiliate links, so I will get a small commission if you purchase anything by clicking a link.

Our Mission is to provide the best essential oils and quality aromatherapy products and information to you.

All essential oils on this site should have a link to the GCMS report (purity testing).  If it is not there currently, it will be soon.

All reports are available by request if the link isn't there.

To ensure purity, only buy essential oils from companies that will let you see the GCMS report. Make sure the batch number on the report coincides with that on your bottle.



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